Traditional watercolour illustration of a young girl setting off on a quest with a dog, raven and reluctant donkey

The Quest


Ink and Watercolour



Traditional black & white watercolour illustraton of Galileo with his daughter Maria Gamba, looking at the moon and stars through his telescope

Galileo's Daughter


Mixed media

Ink, watercolour, ecoline, coloured pencil


Traditional style black and white watercolour illustration of a young witch in edwardian dress performing a spell over a bowl of ingredients











She was squatting in the middle of the carpet, beside a sheet of paper. At one end of the paper was a bowl of ingredients. At the other crawled, wriggled or lay a horrid heap of things. Gwendolen had collected two frogs, an earthworm, several earwigs, a black beetle, a spider and a little pile of bones. [...]

Gwendolen began pounding the ingredients together in the bowl. As she pounded, she muttered things in a groaning hum and her hair hung down and quivered over the bowl. [...] Gwendolen at length sat back on her heels and said, "Now!"

She snapped her fingers over the bowl. The ingredients caught fire, all by themselves, and burnt with a small blue flame. [...] There was a fizzing, and a thick smell of burning. Then the flames leapt up, a foot high, blazing a furious green and purple, colouring the whole room with dancing light.


Diana Wynne Jones'

Charmed Life

Chapter Eight


Ink, watercolour, ecoline, acrylic, digital

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Traditional style children's illustration in black and white watercolour of two edwardian children discovering a dilapidated stairway in a wall















It was nearly lunch time before he suddenly turned into a steep little path between two walls and found the ruins above him, at the top of the bath.

Cat pelted joyfully up the steep path. The sun-soaked wall ahead was taller than most houses and there were trees at the top of it. When he was close enough, Cat saw that there was a giddy stone staircase jutting out of the wall, more like a stone ladder than a stair. It was so old that snapdragons and wallflowers had rooted in it, and hollyhocks had grown up against the place where the stair met the ground. Cat had to push aside a tall red hollyhock in order to put his foot on the first stair.


Diana Wynne Jones'

Charmed Life

Chapter Four


Ink, watercolour, ecoline, acrylic

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Traditional Style children's illustration in watercolour of Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother

Little Red Riding Hood


Ink and Watercolour



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